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Young Viticulturist Awards

Ormond Nurseries sponsor the Professional Reputation Award at the Young Viticulturist of the Year competition.

Young Viticulturist AwardsThis year, 2020, as part of the Young Viticulturist of the Year competition, Ormond Nurseries has launched a Professional Reputation Award. The aim of this award is to encourage and reward good leadership skills, positive attitudes and general politeness/manners.

Young Viticulturist Entrants 2020
Young Viticulturist Entrants 2020

Contestants were judged on overall conduct and attitude throughout the competition. However, in some rarer cases, the award went to a contestant who performed a major standout action in a reaction to an unplanned incident or situation that cropped up. In other cases, the award went to a contestant who had made significant improvement in their performance after competing over multiple years


$250 cash for winner at each regional competition
$1000 cash for the winner at the national final

Regional winners of this year 2020 Professional Reputation Award include:

Sam MacGuire – NORTHERN
Auckland – Kumeu River

Being raised on a sheep and beef farm in Rural South Island I have always had an affinity to farming especially horticulture. I moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2008 for work and travel. I found wine through working in restaurants which has led me into
some sommelier and retail positions. During my time there I also worked 4 vintages in Victoria and made a some of my own wine.

Daniel Brewster - CENTRAL OTAGO
Central Otago – Akarua

Originally from Auckland (NZ), I developed a profound passion for the culture of New Zealand winegrowing. Upon recently completing the undergraduate degree in Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University (year of 2018), I now intend to immerse myself in both the vineyard and winery to gain experience and apply the theory and practical skills that I have acquired over the course of my studies and working in the industry. Currently working in the beautiful Central Otago, for Akarua as a vineyard supervisor (11 months), with previous experience working for Wither Hills (Marlborough) as a technical assistant in viticulture, cellar hand, machine operator and vineyard hand.


Marlborough – Constellation Brands

I’ve been working my way through the viticulture industry for the past four years now from bird scarer, to operator, to manager.
I have a passion for the outdoors and the lifestyle provided by this industry gives me the opportunity to make the most of every day, whether it be checking on the yard, fixing something or shutting the gate on Friday and heading out for an adventure.
It’s been an incredible journey so far and to me there’s nothing more satisfying that seeing all the hard work pay off as the grapes get harvested and trucked off to the winery.

Casey Motley - HAWKE’S BAY

Hawke’s Bay – Te Mata

After graduating from EIT with a bachelor of Wine Science I have spent the past 8 years bouncing between NZ, Australia and Europe working a range of different wine production focused roles with a little time here and there spent in the vineyards.
It wasn’t until my year in Burgundy that I really fell in love with the vines and began to switch my attention to Viticulture with a particular focus and passion for working organically and biodynamically.

Laura-Beth Feary (Albie) - WAIRARAPA

Wairarapa – Urlar

A Lincoln Uni grad in V & O, Laura-Beth worked some summer jobs throughout the country before the heading out to sea to work on yachts around the world. Returning last year to land at Urlar as a vineyard assistant and biodynamic practices coordinator, she’s passionate about regenerative agriculture and the role organic wine growers can play in caring for the land.


North Canterbury – Bellbird Spring

This is my second year competing, hailing from the Waitaki but now based in Canterbury. I am currently studying through Otago Polytechnic, to supplement my vineyard experience. I am heavily interested in Organic Viticulture and sustainability, gaining valuable insights with having leased a vineyard in the Waitaki and producing some Pinot Noir.

We congratulate all of these Young Vit Contestants for their professional attitudes and giving 100% effort into the competition.

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