Vacancy: General Nursery Technicians

General Nursery Technicians to assist with production season

Vacancy: 2 IC

We are also looking for a 2 IC to help with some forklift driving, storage work and dipping of the vines. The person who fills this role must be accurate and confident with the computer and be prepared to work the full season.

We are a small, family-run business located in Grovetown with a 3 minute car trip to town. We operate during agricultural work hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). Work days are Monday to Friday with the season running from June to December. Occasionally, weekend work may be available. There is no customer interface required, but our company is represented by the team we employ so we encourage our staff to be polite and courteous.

We take great pride in our work and in the team we employ. Attributes we look for include accuracy, attention to detail, a willingness to work alongside others, and a commitment to stay throughout the season. We encourage people to work hard and have a laugh, to motivate both each other and the team at large.

We also encourage our staff to look at the big picture...we live in a world class wine region and this is where it all starts! We are the only Grapevine Nursery in the South Island producing certified, grafted grapevines and the oldest nursery in New Zealand to date.

Our production season flows as follows:

Lifting Vines (4 Weeks) It is a job that requires man power and a willingness to enjoy the outdoors. Wet weather gear provided. Attention to detail important. Ability to drive work vehicles would be nice but not necessary.

Processing Vines (6 Weeks) This large team works indoors. The team processes dormant vines as they come off of the production line. Conditions are often cold and wet. Wet weather gear supplied. With a great attitude, and a bit of music, and a laugh, we work hard to reach our target numbers each day.

Budwood Collection (5 Weeks) and Rootstock Collection (6 Weeks) This large team is based on site and will not be required to travel. All work gear will be provided. Again, care and attention to detail is important. The ability to read a label is also necessary.

Grafting/Boxing Up (6 Weeks) Our grafting team essentially 'crafts' the vines for the following year. Inside, with the windows open and the sun shining in, the team will be seated and matching plant material together with a grafting machine. No need for physical strength, but a great eye for detail and quick fingers are necessary. Our boxing up team carefully packs the new vines into a moisture retaining medium for callusing. This is a stand-up, inside job that again does not require any great physical strength.

Deboxing/Waxing (6 Weeks) This is not a physically strenuous job, but it is often times very enjoyable as the weather is warmer and spring has arrived. Revealing new plants and checking their quality, this job gets dirty but aprons are supplied. Once the plants are rinsed off they are dipped into warm wax to seal in the moisture. Again, aprons supplied.

Planting Out (6 Weeks) The end of our production season is when we plant out our new grapevines. This is physically demanding, but for the right person it is the perfect job. Sunny Marlborough, a great team of people getting dirty, being careful with label identification and considerate of fragile new plants, our planting team is the end of our busy production season.

Expressions of interest:

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