Ultra vines

Ultra vines

Our Ultra vines are potted, dormant grape plants that have been grown-on for a year in a pot before being two-budded in winter. With an uncompromised root system, our Ultra vines are ideal for replacements in and amongst a mature vineyard where new vines need to establish quickly while also competing underground.

Advantages include:

  • Faster production and minimal field training costs
  • Ease of a dormant, containerised vine
  • Less likely to J-Root
  • Ultra vigorous from day one to help you get back into full production as soon as possible
Ultra vines illustration

Ultra vines are available as either Standard Ultra vines or HI-STEM® Ultra vines. They are also available as either one year old vines, or two year old (2YO) vines. Both dormant products have top growth that has been cut back to two buds to maximise root mass. All Ultra vines are sold individually or in trays. They are easy to handle and lift, and all pots and trays are welcome to be returned to the nursery for re-use.



HI-STEM® Ultra vines

HI-STEM® Ultra vines are our premium product, designed to give you the same benefit as a HI-STEM® bare root vine AND the added bonus of a robust, uncompromised root system.

Advantages of a HI-STEM® vine include:

  • Minimal vine training No bud rubbing… ever!
  • No spot spraying
  • No vine guard
  • Ideal for sites prone to frost and pests (rabbits)
  • Less time for a replanted vineyard to be out of production
  • Ideal for organic vineyards
  • Ideal for terraced vineyards
  • Ideal for any site that requires immediate ‘street side appeal’

HI-STEM® Ultras are designed to help get your vineyard back into full production as soon as possible in any situation from replanting in marginal planting sites to replacing individual vines in an existing vineyard.


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