Replanting Programme

Specialising in propagating top quality, grafted grape plants for the New Zealand wine grower market.

Is it time for a replanting programme?

Is your vineyard getting old and tired? Disappointed with declining yields?
Then we have the perfect solution for you.

Customise a Replanting Plan

  • Free initial consultation with an experienced viticulturist
  • Multiple year vine supply agreement
  • Attractive forward ordering rates

As our vineyards mature, yield, productivity and vine health may start to decline. Varieties may also need to be changed due to new demand in the wine industry, or due to poor performance of an existing cultivar currently planted. Whatever the reason, the decision to replant your vineyard may not be an easy one. However, no matter how difficult this choice may be, it is better economically to start now while your vineyard is still profitable rather than waiting until the only option is a full replant. Contact us and create a Replanting Programme tailor made to suit your needs.

Whether you want to replant in one year or spread out your planting over time we can help personalise your plan to minimise the economic impact of your decision. We can also offer you a multiple year vine supply agreement with attractive forward ordering rates. As part or all of your Replant Programme, we can also offer you HI-STEM® grapevines that save you both work and money in the field and time in reaching the wire.

Multiple Year Vine Supply

If you are thinking of replanting all or part of your vineyard, we can help. With a free consultation with a viticultural consultant we can assist you in creating a plan to replant your vineyard over multiple years. A multiple year vine supply agreement will keep your vineyard productive and profitable.

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As a lead supplier of certified, grafted grapevines, we offer a range of dormant bare root and containerised vines specifically designed to add value to vineyard projects.

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