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  • New Ultra Vines

    Our latest product - Ultra Vines available to order now!

    We have a new product range available for the first time this year. Our 'Ultra' vines are potted, dormant grape plants that have been grown on for a year in a pot before being two budded in winter.

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  • Ormond Nurseries HI-STEM Tall Vines

    Avoid Bent Trunks When Replanting

    Important information for any growers replanting/developing vineyards with HI-STEM® vines if they want to avoid bent trunks.

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  • Not All Tall Vines are HI-STEM® Vines

    Not all ‘tall vines’ are Ormond Nurseries HI-STEM® vines Do you know the difference? Not all ‘tall vines’ are created equal

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  • Ormond Nurseries Young Vines

    What to Expect with Young Vine Replants

    We often receive questions regarding variability in the vineyard when replanting young vines. As a rule of thumb, growth variability should be anticipated as it is hard to determine what is happening underground. Oftentimes, old material remains from a vine pull or the soil is tired and has not been left fallow for the suggested period of time. We all know that realistically, sometimes there is not enough time or it is not economically viable to adhere to ‘best practice strategies.’

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  • Hand Planting a Grapevine

    Tips and advice for hand planting a grapevine

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  • IMG_0039.jpg

    Wickham Estate Replanting 2015

    This year we will be beginning a multiple year replanting project with one of our own commercial blocks planted in 1997.   This project has been instigated as a method of recovering information to pass on to our growers as Marlborough begins to explore the concept of vineyard replanting.  Being a service provider as well as commercial growers, we acknowledge the fact that no two vineyards are identical.  Every grower needs to address his/her own individual constraints before laying the groundwork for their own personal replanting programme.  We can only offer our own personal experience as a vehicle for sharing information. 

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  • Checklist for Replanting

    Talk to your wine company in regards to timing.  Can you lift the cap on tonnes per hectare on what you are not replanting to mitigate the cost of having part of your vineyard unproductive?  Probably would only apply if you are replacing less than 10% of any one block, but worth a go!

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  • Replant Programme

    We planted our own commercial vineyard almost 20 years ago so that we could get a better understanding of our customer’s needs as grape growers. We are now realising that eventually our vineyard’s productivity will begin to decline and it will become less profitable. Like everyone, we don’t really know when this will happen.....

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