Grafted Grapevine Combinations 2020

Grafted Grapevines Available 2020

Please find below a list of grafted grapevines we have estimated to be available for sale 2020.  


Please contact the office 03 577 6354, or Samantha 0210 8455 691 for more information.

Click below for either standard vines or our HI-STEM® vines.

HI-STEM® Ultra vines

We also have a new product range. 
Click the image for Info Sheet Pdf
Our 'Ultra' vines are potted, dormant grape plants that have been grown on for a year in a pot before being two budded in winter.  With an uncompromised root system, our Ultra vines are ideal for replacements in and amongst a mature vineyard where new vines need to establish while also competing underground. 

This year, we will have both standard height Ultras as well as HI-STEM® Ultra vines - limited numbers available

HI-STEM® Vines 

Chardonnay HI-STEM® VinesEstimates Available in January 
Chardonnay 95  3309 Long  

Pinot Gris HI-STEM® VinesEstimates Available in January 
Pinot Gris 2-15  3309 Long  
Pinot Gris LBS  3309 Long  

Pinot Noir HI-STEM® VinesEstimates Available in January 
Pinot Noir 114  3309 Long  
Pinot Noir 115  3309 Long  
Pinot Noir 667  3309 Long  
Pinot Noir 777  3309 Long  
Pinot Noir Abel  3309 Long  
Pinot Noir UCD5  3309 Long  

Riesling HI-STEM® VinesEstimates Available in January 
Riesling 198-19  3309 Long  

Sauvignon Blanc HI-STEM® VinesEstimates Available in January 
Sauvignon Blanc MS 101-14 Long  
Sauvignon Blanc MS  3309 Long  
Sauvignon Blanc MS  5C Long  
Sauvignon Blanc MS Riparia Gloire Long  
Sauvignon Blanc MS Schwarzmann Long  
Sauvignon Blanc MS SO4 Long  

Standard Vines | Variety/Clone/Rootstock

ChardonnayEstimates Available in January 
Chardonnay 95  3309  
Pinot Gris Estimates Available in January 
Pinot Gris 2-15  3309  
Pinot Gris 2-15  Schwarzmann    
Pinot Gris 40A  3309  
Pinot Gris 52B  3309  
Pinot Gris 7A  101-14  
Pinot Gris 7A  3309  
Pinot Gris LBS  3309  
Pinot Gris SL OVL  3309  
Pinot Noir Estimates Available in January 
Pinot Noir 114  3309  
Pinot Noir 115  3309  
Pinot Noir 667  3309  
Pinot Noir 667  Paulsen 1103  
Pinot Noir 777  101-14  
Pinot Noir 777  3306  
Pinot Noir 777  3309  
Pinot Noir Abel  3306  
Pinot Noir Abel  3309  
Pinot Noir AM10/5  3309  
Pinot Noir UCD5  3309  
Pinot Noir UCD5  Schwarzmann  
RieslingEstimates Available in January 
Riesling 198-19  3309  
Sauvignon BlancEstimates Available in January 
Sauvignon Blanc ms on 101-14  
Sauvignon Blanc MS  3306  
Sauvignon Blanc MS  3309  
Sauvignon Blanc MS  5C  
Sauvignon Blanc MS  Riparia Gloire  
Sauvignon Blanc MS  Schwarzmann  
Sauvignon Blanc MS  SO4  

Table GrapesEstimates Available in January 
White Diamond  

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