Wickham Estate Replanting Programme

Avoid Bent Trunks When Replanting

Ormond Nurseries HI-STEM Tall Vines

Important information for any growers replanting/developing vineyards with HI-STEM®vines if they want to avoid bent trunks.

Keep wires tight especially in the second year when the trunks are skinny and the weight of the fruit and the canopy is heavy.

Loose wires = bent trunks!

Crank the lowest fruiting wire up to 200KG after you strip out and before you wrap your cane/canes after the first year of growth.

This seems to be more important for HI-STEM® vines because:

  1. The rootstock is naturally smaller in diameter than the scion wood
  2. HI-STEM® vines end up carrying a large heavy canopy for the 2nd growing season and when you mix this with small trunks and saggy wires you get bent trunks. As they get older the trunks “set” in the bent shape.

For any vines that do look bent (this goes for standard vines also) we have cut a length of rebar (reinforcing rod) at 1.2m long and used it to straighten the trunks up and attach it to the fruiting wire to lock it in place.