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Not All Tall Vines are HI-STEM® Vines

Not all ‘tall vines’ are Ormond Nurseries HI-STEM® vines

Do you know the difference?
Not all ‘tall vines’ are created equal

An Ormond Nurseries HI-STEM® is a one year old vine that has 2 times the length of rootstock compared to a traditional vine. This is the key to the HI-STEM® vine. It is NOT a traditional vine with a longer piece of scion-wood (the portion of the vine above the graft union).

The Ormond Nurseries HI-STEM® advantage will give you the benefits of:

  • More carbohydrate reserves for a better start
  • Less vine training
  • No bud rubbing … for FOREVER
  • No spot spraying
  • Decreased risk of frost damage by getting the vine out of the frost zone
  • No vine guard