Individual Vine Replacement

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Individual Vine Replacement


Individual vine replacements are oftentimes one-off orders, but in most instances they are smaller, annual orders that are slightly modified year to year.  Due to the small scale of these orders they are frequently overlooked and ordered last minute.  Growers often have to settle on ‘whatever is available,’ sometimes settling on something they don’t really want, but have to plant to fill a gap.  If this sounds familiar, then we suggest the following:

Our Solution

For this reason we have developed an ONL Repeat Customer incentive. Specifically designed to cater to your individual replanting programme, by becoming an ONL Repeat Customer you permit us to remind you of your annual planting requirements.

  • There is no obligation to buy.
  • There is no minimum commitment.
  • There is no deposit.

By allowing us to remind you to plan ahead, there is nothing to lose except future disappointment.

Priority service for repeat customers

For Repeat Customers, your annual replanting requirements are our first priority. In a high demand year, your annual order will automatically be in our database, meaning that you will not be put on a waiting list. As a Repeat Customer, if you have any further orders over what automatically appears in our database, you will also receive priority service. This means that if we cannot supply you with a contract for your plants, you are more likely to receive the plants over a customer who is not a Repeat Customer.

Becoming a repeat customer

  • Estimate what and how many vines you need each year for your replant requirements
  • Contact our office
  • Tell them you would like to become a Repeat Customer
  • Give them a rough breakdown of what you need annually
  • For larger Repeat Orders (over 200 standard vines), you will need to confirm your order before spring grafting
  • In Autumn, you will receive a phone call asking you if you would like to proceed with your order
  • You can choose to change, cancel, or confirm your order
  • Either way, you are allowing US to remind YOU to plan ahead

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us on (03) 577 6354 extension 1,
or email us on:

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