Drip Line Funnel

Specialising in propagating top quality, grafted grape plants for the New Zealand wine grower market.

Our Drip Line Funnel sends water directly to the new plant

Drip-line Funnel captionIn an effort to assist our customers with their young vines replants, we have created a Drip Line Funnel. The funnel can be easily cabled onto existing drip-line irrigation, and the spaghetti tubing cut to length and barb staked next to a replanted vine. This system directs water from the irrigation line directly to the new plant, rather than watering weeds or the root systems of neighbouring mature vines.

Funnels now available for the 2020 growing season. Contact us to find out more.

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As a lead supplier of certified, grafted grapevines, we offer a range of dormant bare root and containerised vines specifically designed to add value to vineyard projects.

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