NZWG Grafted Grapevine Standard

New Zealand Winegrowers Grafted Grapevine Standard


The Grapevine leaf roll associated virus type 3 (GLRaV-3) is economically one of the most important and most widespread diseases of wine grapes. It poses a threat to the New Zealand wine industry's goal of growing quality grapes for premium wine production, as it delays ripening, reduces yield and depresses berry sugar content. This impacts on the wine-makers' options and ultimately on the quality of the wine produced.

There are obvious links between healthy plants growing quality grapes producing high quality wines and the longevity of the vineyard. Recognising this, the New Zealand Winegrowers Board agreed to develop a Grafted Grapevine Standard (GGS) and an associated certification program which has the objective of minimising the probability of infected material being released to the industry.

The plant material that produces the grapes is a significant investment in vineyards - it is important that this is of the highest quality and of known origin. The outcome sought is to provide assurance to viticulturalists, winemakers, and other stakeholders including consumers, that grafted grape vines which are certified according to this Standard, can be described as 'high health plants' in that they have been tested for and shown not to have GLRaV-3 at the time of testing.

Download the NZWG Grafted Grapevine Standard pdf (295KB)

New Zealand Wine Grower article - Article by Tessa Nicholson pdf (45KB)

The Importance of the Grafted Grapevine Standard - Editorial by Tessa Nicholson pdf (43KB)


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