HI-STEM vines

HI-STEM® vines

Download the HI-STEM® vines article from the March/April 2009 edition of the "New Zealand Grape Grower" Magazine here (189KB)

BENEFITS of replanting using HI-STEM® vines

  • Due to the fact that the top of the dormant vine is much closer to the fruiting wire a lot less training is required, thereby alleviating a lot of the "back breaking" work involved in training young vines.
  • The new growth is a lot higher off the ground meaning it has a much lower risk of frost damage.
  • No grow guards are required as the new growth is above the height of the spray zone.
  • There will be no bends or twists in the trunk as it will be straight lignified rootstock.
  • The vines have potential to fruit early, if well managed.

HI-STEM® vines and standard plants

HI-STEM vines illustration

Clearvue Vineyard Manager in Otago, Duncan Cramp, explains the HI-STEM® vines they have within their Pinot Noir crop have been so productive that the vines will be harvested this year after only two years in the ground.

“We planted the tall vines in November of 2007 and are harvesting this year when traditional replant vines would require 3-4 years in the ground. The Tall Vines are much easier to handle as they are right up at the height of our other vines and don’t require any special attention. I’d recommend anyone who required replants to use Tall Vines.”


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