Wickham Estate Replanting Programme

Checklist for Replanting

Checklist for Replanting

  1. Talk to your wine company in regards to timing.  Can you lift the cap on tonnes per hectare on what you are not replanting to mitigate the cost of having part of your vineyard unproductive?  Probably would only apply if you are replacing less than 10% of any one block, but worth a go!
  2. Replanting is the perfect time to re-design your vineyard.  Consider the options and review your overall plan.  If you can make your vineyard more profitable and of higher health and less prone to trunk disease for the next 30 year time frame, why wouldn’t you?
    • Ideal scenario: 2.2 meters apart, 1.44 meters between bays, lay down 9 buds per cane and get 20 tonnes per hectare. 
    • By re-configuring your vineyard, you have the potential to gain an extra third of your overall land area which is ultimately the cheapest way to ‘buy more land.’ 
    • if you are considering replanting, stop thinking of the cost of materials and think of what it will cost you to run this vineyard every year after that.  Cost of materials largely irrelevant if compared to operating costs going forward if you choose not to replant.
  3. Do you have any trunk disease or perhaps a mealy bug problem?  If you do, then there are three scenarios and three separate cost anaylsis’ you have to consider:
    • To treat
    • To replant
    • To do nothing  

But what is the cost of doing nothing?  What is the cost of doing it piece by piece and what will it look like in the end?  Consider your net position at the end of 40 years and work backwards. 

(By comparison, apple growers frequently replant portions of their orchards to remain competitive – don’t be afraid to replant – the benefits will be ongoing.)

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