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Our field is providing commercially proven clones at a competitive price.  Our focus is producing premium grapevines certified to the NZWG Grafted Grapevine Standard.

Whats New With Us?

About Us

Ormond Nurseries Ltd has operated for 35 years, specialising in propagating top quality, grafted grape plants that are true to type, fully traceable (budwood and rootstock) and regularly tested for Leaf Roll Virus.

Ormond Nurseries Ltd produces premium grapevines certified to the NZ Winegrowers Grafted Grapevine Standard (Version 3.0, June 2016). There are also non-certified vines available for sale. For further information about the NZWG GGS see PDF downloads to the right.

The company also operates its own (award winning) vineyards, giving our staff an understanding and empathy for grower issues.

Plant Orders

Click on  "Plants Available 2018" to see what is available.  As you will see, our supply of vines is extremely limited. In an effort to improve our plant quality, we are currently in the process of establishing new rootstock blocks.  We plan on growing and managing 90% of our own rootstock by 2018.  While this may limit our ability to supply vines today, our focus on rootstock production will translate into better quality vines for your vineyard tomorrow.   


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